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The Bhagwan Valmik Sabha Bedford is a faith based community group, made up of some 255 families and of 800 members. Our charitable aims are to advance the philosophy of Bhagwan Valmik Ji, famous author of world renowned Valmiki Ramayan; as well as offering social and educational support services to the wider inclusive community of Bedford.  

Inspirational challenges lay ahead for the Mandir and the projects we have embarked upon. The Mandir activities continue to attract larger congregations and bookings for family satsangs remain as popular as ever. There are weddings on the horizon which are always a welcome treat.

From a charitable perspective, the Mandir is keen to enhance the services it can offer to our local Bedford community. Understanding that the voluntary and community sector in England is facing unprecedented challenges; organisations like ours remain passionate to pull together local communities and deliver services to those in need.

Our objective for 2011 is to renovate our much needed Community building adjacent to the rear of the Mandir in Bunyan Road. Previously a Public House and aptly named the Jazzi Snail is now the Bhagwan Valmik Sabha Community Centre. It is however in much need of love and attention before it is in a fit state to be made available for community use. A number of applications for funding have been made to various sources; now it is a case of passionate prayers for divine inspiration and a positive outcome from one application to bring this much needed project to fruition.

As and when this community facility is up and running, the first phase will see a series of classes and workshops being run for our local Youth and the more mature adults. The classes will include workshops covering Education in Human Values for the Youth; English Language, Sewing, Cooking and the much needed Computer classes for adults who want to surf the net but find it difficult to get on to the internet highway. A sub-set of these classes are already being run in the dining hall of the Mandir.

Phase 2 of this project is looking to provide a Drug and alcohol Support and advice Service. The Mandir has an obligation to support the local community and strong belief in its social responsibility. As such, this support and advice service will look to focus on education on drug and alcohol awareness. There is stigma amongst the Asian community and within families associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The result of which is, little or no support is provided to victims of drug and alcohol abuse from within their own community for fear of being ostracised. . A secure and non-judgemental environment within the Mandir’s community centre would hopefully encourage drug and alcohol users to approach us for help.

The Drug and alcohol Support and advice Service has an objective to help all drug and alcohol users and help them integrate into normal society. This can range from counselling, advice on debt management, housing, child support, family issues or pointing them to organisations such as ‘Addaction’ or ‘Shared Care’ DAAT’s their local GP etc. Drug and alcohol addicts and their families can find themselves trapped in tiered systems and low down in priority when it comes to seeking help. It is however encouraging to see Government shifting its approach from merely maintaining the effects of addiction, to wanting affective methods towards abstinence. However, this is just the start, once the chemical and clinical intervention is in place, the social, financial, housing, employment and family issues need to be addressed. . We remain optimistic that with help from Government and local Council, we will be in a position to provide   a fully functional Drug and alcohol Support and Advice Service up and running within the next 12 to 18 months.

Finally, just to mention that we have a Youth Conference currently in the planning stage. The Mandir is looking to hold a Youth Conference during the summer of 2011 (date t.b.c). This will be open to all Youth in the Cauldwell Ward and will give them the opportunity to experience the Teachings of Bhagwan Valimik, explore the topics of Education in Human Values and appreciate the essence of giving something back to the community that has served them for many years.

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