Bhagwan Valmik Ji Birth Anniversary Celebrations

The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir Bedford celebrated the auspicious occasion of Bhagwan Valmik Ji’s Birth Annivesary between Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October 2010. The occasion commenced with the reading of the Sampuran Ramayan Ji Katha (reading of the holy Ramayanan written by Bhagwan Valmik Ji) at 11:00am on Friday 22nd October. The reading of the Holy Scriptures continued up until 7:00pm, which was followed by an hour of Bhajan Kirtan. At the close of the day, on this special occasion the Mandir is always pleased to serve Saag and Mhaki di roti to everyone present. The reading of the Sampuran Ramayan recommenced the following day at 7:00am through to 6:00pm. Followed by Bhajan Kirtan, the day concluded with a special treat for the youngster with the serving of pizza and chips.

The main event took place on Sunday 24th October with the final reading of the Holy Sampuran Ramayan Ji Katha reading, which finally completed at 12:00 noon. Our Special Guest Speaker for the day was The Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson. The Mayor was extremely pleased to have been invited to this special event and honoured to address the congregation. At the start of The Maypor’s speech, the main Mandir hall was completely full with some two hundred people present. The Mayor’s speech focussed very much on the grass-root matters that affected the daily lives of all those present in the Mandir. The Mayor very kindly shared information regarding public services and in particular the regeneration of the Cauldwell Ward. He went on to talk about initiatives and projects to bring new jobs to the area, the impact of regeneration and how important it was for everyone to respond to letters and questionnaires that may be sent through by the Borough Council.  This Mayor’s attendance and speech was very much appreciated by everyone. The content of his message touched a lot of people and gave enormous encouragement to all those that live locally and rely heavily on the local community and public services.

At the end of his speech The Mayor was kindly requested to unveil and officially launch the new Bhagwan Valmik Mandir website. Project Manager of the new web site Bally Meeda gave a brief talk on how the new web site came to being and fruition, finally requesting the Mayor to conduct the unveiling. Tremendous thanks to Bally Meeda for achieving a great web site in such a short space of time.

On behalf of the Bhagwan Valmik Mandir, we forward our heartfelt thanks to The Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson for all his time, effort and support.

The remainder of the day was filled with Bhajan Kirtans, speeches and a special serving of a tremendous variety of food to mark this special event.

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