Update from the Youth Workshop held on 2nd October 2010

We started with this months session in the usual way. The Langar Hall was filled with sounds of our chanting of the Gayathri Mantra in Sanskrit and the holy vibrations from our practice of Trancendental Light Meditation.

After catching up from the previous months workshop, we talked about the topic of this month, which was all about Lord Rama. We looked at and discussed at an extract from the Ramayana where Lord Rama, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, visit Bhagvan Valmiki’s Ashram and Bhagvan tells us all about the divinty of Lord Rama.

It was a very revealing session. Some of our younger members also had a wonderful time too, especially one boy who drew a picture of Ben 10 and Spiderman visiting the Mandir!

The extract has been added for you below so you can read it too. Bhagvan Valmik is peaking and says:

“O Rama! .. You have assumed forms, in order to carry out the wishes of the Gods, that you re-establish righteousness in the world. You will, I am sure, destroy all demonic hearts, pretty soon. You will protect the good and the compassionate. Rama! You are the eternal Witness of  ‘The World’.

Even the gods fail to gauge your Reality and your Glory. How then can ordinary mortals understand your Mystery? Only those who have received your Grace, can claim to have known something of your Truth and your Majesty. You have taken this human form in order to promote the peace and security of good men and the gods; as a consequence, you are conversing and behaving like one of us. Only fools are misled into behaving that you are a man among men! .. Don’t I know that you are the Director of this cosmic drama? I cannot understand why you are asking me to select a spot where you can stay for some time in this forest. Which spot can I choose and recommend? For, is there any spot in the whole Universe where you are not, already?”

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