The first Teachings of Bhagwan Valmik Ji

“Salutaions to the Principle of Truth, from which all beings shine forth and have their existence and where alone they attain quiescence or absorption.”

Yoga Vasistha. Ch1.V1.

Where else have you ever seen a book that within the very first two lines the author answers the greatest scientific and religious questions about God and Creation? Bhagvan Valmiki, out of infinite, divine love and compassion does just that in his book the Yoga Vasistha.

The Yoga Vasistha was written by Bhagvan Valmiki and in this book Bhagvan tells us about the spiritual teachings that were given to Lord Rama by his teacher Sage Vashishtha before Lord Rama set off on his journey as told to us by Bhagavan in the Ramayana. In actual fact, the Yoga Vasistha and the Ramayana are not two separate books but the Yoga Vasistha is the beginning section of the Ramayana.

In the two lines quoted at the top, Bhagvan gives us his first teaching that everything in creation comes from Truth. This Truth is none other than God. Although people may call God using different names, such as ‘Light” ‘Supreme Soul’ ‘Almighty’, ‘Lord’ etc, they are all referring to the one God.  Therefore, as God is the beginning and end of all things, He alone is what we should find out about and get to know first of all.

Bhagvan Valmiki’s First Teaching

God is the Beginning and End of Everything

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