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A Brief History – How it all began

In the late 1950’s and during the 1960’s many Valmiki’s started arriving in to Britain to find work; Most of whom had left parents, wives, husbands, and children behind. Motivated by improved economic prospects, even if they anticipated a short stay of earning money before returning home.

Many Valmiki’s settled and integrated into a British culture and lifestyle. They were eventually joined by their close family members they had left behind.

A number of these Valmiki’s deciding to set up home in Bedford due to the vast availability of various jobs in the surrounding factories and foundries. There was an abundance of factories such as the Britannia Works and London Brick Company. Some entrepreneurial Valmiki’s even took the opportunity to start their own businesses.

In the late 1960’s, a number of like minded individuals, who are now respectfully regarded as our elders, decided that they should organise our community and formed duly created the first Valmiki Committee in Bedford.

The original founder committee members were:

Mr Pakhar Ram Meeda

The late Giani Bhagat Singh

The late Mr Ratan Pal

The late Mr Sadhu Ram Gill (Kandola)

The late Mr Mohinder Gill

The late Mr Teju Ram Gill

Over the following years our Valmiki community grew in Bedford, & across the Britain. The then Bedford committee unanimously agreed that our community would greatly benefit from having our own place of worship. The opportunity came in 1975, when the committee managed to purchase the land on Muswell Road where our temple stands today.

The elders responsible for this historic milestone included;

The committee members:

The late Mr Niku Kalyan

The late Mr Bachana Kalyan

Mr Gurdas Mattu

Mr Jasbir Singh Kalyan

The late Mr Geja Ram Sahonte

The late Mr Joginder Paul Dhariwal

The late Mr Madho Singh Kalyan

The established Trustee members were:

The late Mr Bachana Kalyan

Mr Jasbir Singh Kalyan

The late Mr Geja Ram Sahonte

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