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In 1978, the committee had changed. The new committee, now having the land to build on, decided to visit all Valmiki families at their homes to explain the idea of building a temple, & also request financial help towards the project. With the grace of Bhagwan Valmik Ji, every single Valmiki family in Bedford & most of the Britain made very generous donations. It is worth mentioning that we also had gracious donations from other Punjabi communities within Bedford.

By this time a hierarchy of voluntary responsibility had been established to form the official committee, and this evolved with the following Valmiki’s:

Chairman The late Mr Niku Kalyan
President The late Mr Bachana Kalyan
Vice President Mr Dalip Kumar Nahar
General Secretary Mr Swaran Singh
Assistant Secretary The late Mr Joginder Paul Dhariwal
Cashier The late Mr Geja Ram Sahonte
Assistant Cashier Mr Kartar Chand Sahonte
Auditor Mr Mahendar Lal Kalyan
Cultural Secretary Mr Jasbir Singh Kalyan
Main Preacher The late Mr Madho Singh Kalyan
Executive Member Mr Gurmeet Singh
Executive Member Mr Chone Lal
Executive Member Mr Amarjit Singh
Executive Member The late Giani Bhagat Singh
Executive Member The late Mr Balbir Dutt
Executive Member The late Mr Ram Chand Nahar

During this time, the Valmiki’s made great personal sacrifices, especially with only a very small number of our elders from a rural background and being generally unfamiliar with the language and culture of Britain.
Also relying on public transport, when only a handful of our elders owning any vehicles themselves. Not to say that our current Valmiki community is doing any less, they are also making great contributions in various forms. Many first & second generations British Valmiki’s are following the path laid down by our founders and of course Bhagwan Valmik Ji.

The BVS, Bedford constitution states that every two years the Bhagwan Valmiki Committee is required to be re-elected by the Valmiki Community.

The present committee members for the term of 2012/14 are:

Chairman Mr Puran Nath Dhadria
President Mr Tarsem Kalyan
Vice President Mr Gurdial Kalyan
General Secretary Mr Rakash Mattu
Asst. General Secretary Mr Kishor Kumar
Treasurer Mr Pakhar Ram Meeda
Asst. Treasurer Mr Prem Nahr
Cultural Secretary Mr Kartar Chand
Auditor Mr Ram Dhariwal
Auditor Mr Jasbir Singh Kalyan
Executive Member Mrs Jaswinder Kalyan
Executive Member Mr Malkit Kalyan
Executive Member Mrs Shama Kalyan
Executive Member Mr Omar Kalyan
Executive Member Mr Raja Ram Suberwal

The committees’ responsibly is to advance the Valmiki religion through the teachings of Bhagwan Valmik Ji and the Maha Ramayana. Also to increase the welfare of our Valmiki community through social & religious services, to run & maintain the temple, & hold public meetings to propagate these teachings and advice the community of recent achievements and the current status

The property and land of the Sabha in Bedford is invested into nine Trustees, who have been appointed by the committee, and these Trustees will remain unchanged unless requested by the Valmiki Community.

Mr Prem Kalyan (Administrator)
Mr Ashok Kumar
Mr Balkrishan Meeda
Mr Kuldip Kumar Sahonte
Mr Jaswinder Kalyan
Mr Hans Raj Gharu
Mr Raj Kumar Kalyan
Mr Roop Lal Gharu
Mr Azad lal

Note: All information contained within this page is taken from the Bhagwan Valmik Sabha, Bedford documented records & where no documentation was available, and the information has been received from talking to our elders within our community.


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